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Using information from item A and elsewhere outline some of the ways in which the education system performs functions for both individuals and society. (12 marks) In this essay it is going to outline some of the ways in which the education system performs functions for both individual and society. Education plays a big part on everyone’s lives in society today. Education is demanded as important in order for children to become more successful in life. For some, education is seen as performing a beneficial role for society because while children are still in education they benefit from getting a good job. Macro theorists discuss the education system in terms of how it contributes to the needs of society and the individual. Functionalists are mainly interested in the positive functions education performs for society in particular for the economy by allocating individuals into work roles that match their ability. This is because functionalists believe that education plays an important role in teaching individuals the norms and rules of society as society needs to be united otherwise the social group would disintegrate. Durkhiem believed that in three main functions being; specialist work skills learning social rules and linking individuals and society. People say that the classroom should be a place where results are expected which means that by sitting in a classroom people are expected to work hard in the classroom in order to gain success in life. Education is considered as an important value in life because of the fact that it helps children gain new skills and also help them in adult life to solve problems and also be good citizens. By having offsted inspections education has had a big impact on society today. Feminist believe that the education system is patriarchal which means that it is dominated and it reinforces gender differences because in society

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