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Sofia Moreno, 0284522 Instructor: Elena Cisneros INRW 36 11 February 2015 Education Should Be Important Education systems in other countries are more demanding and their culture instills the importance of education to their citizens. Unfortunately the United States students are being observed interested in obtaining higher education. When you obtain higher education like a degree or major you are most probable to have a good income to live better. The United States should create better public school systems that meet higher standards like other countries. All teachers should take exams every year to know if they are prepared mentally to teach a student. A program that would definitely help a public school is the participation of the parents to introduce to them the importance of getting a higher education. If the parents are also educated and participate in what the student is learning it will be easier to encourage them to enter a Community College or University. When a student graduates from High School and doesn’t have anything planned, the probability of him or she is to just get a job that pays minimum per hour and never get the chance to attend College. The most important thing in the mind of a High School graduate should be registering for College classes. The state of Texas should put higher standards on exams so that students always aim to be the best. If the United States would improve their public school systems we may be able to show advancement in the mathematics and science section. If students have higher grades this can help them to get scholarships or grants that could help anyone who doesn’t have money to pay for higher education. Whenever it applied transportation for all students should be available and free. Most important, all the teachers should be supervised at least

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