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This I Believe Hard work and determination are the keys to my goal. One of the hardest experiences I have ever had was learning a second language. When I was young, my parents constantly reminded me “To get a great job in Korea by learning English because these are the primary languages of the global business world.” They enrolled me in English and Chinese courses, but I neglected my studies. I didn’t understand why my parents wanted me to learn these languages; playing was more important to me than studying. However, I now understand their intentions. I was told that English and Chinese are major languages when it comes to business. My parents have been working at an international airline before I was even born. On more than one occasion, they had thought about giving up their jobs because they were not able to speak a second language. I remember as a child, I accompanied my father on several business trips to many countries. At the time, I didn’t worry about not knowing a second language. On one particular trip, I flew to Hawaii with my father for his work. I was left alone in a hotel because my father had an appointment to meet with a customer. He still had not returned by lunch time. I was hungry, and so I went alone to buy some food, finding a Mc Donald’s near the hotel. I went in and I tried to order, in my native language, without a word of English. I attempted to order a burger using hand gestures, and I felt embarrassed and ashamed when the staff laughed at me. That event scarred me, but that’s when I realized how crucial it was for me to learn English. When I was in middle school, I traveled to Japan and China with my father. I just followed him all day, but I noticed something strange; everyone I met spoke English in Japan and China. I asked my father why he was speaking English with them. My father said if I studied English, I would be able to make

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