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Education is the key to success. It’s essential to everyone. Without it the outcome will not be satisfied. It’s true that education can be challenging for some people more than others because sometimes we find ourselves facing situations that create frustration. However, education in today’s days is better than before because students in most of the countries are surrounded by advisors, counselors or workers that are willing to help and give advice. In my essay, I will write about my personal experience. Since I was a young girl, I had been eager about school. I was an excellent student with outstanding grades. However, I was one of the Algerian girls who have to obey their parents and get married at early ages. Therefore, I had to stop my education, get married and be a house wife. After I had lived all my life sorrowful about what happened to me, the relief arose. My husband who was working for the US consulate in Algeria decided to immigrate to America with my children and me. Even though it was difficult for me to be separated from my country and my family, I was so happy to have the opportunity to go back to school, be in classrooms, get education and earn a Diplomas. The first thing I thought about is finding ESL classes, GED, then go to college. Of course it wasn’t easy for me to do all of that in one time because I had to work to help my family, but I really enjoyed it. After that, I went to Bunker Hill Community College where I have learned a lot and earned an Associate’s Degree in Human Services. Now, I will feel truly excited to be accepted at Springfield College. For me, I can’t say that my nation’s or community’s sense of investment in education but the only thing I can say is that been educated will help me strengthen my personality and build my new life in America. I also want to give my children a good model to pursue their education and maybe
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