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Leah Stone ENG 1320 Ms. Shipman 13 February 2014 Reinventing Education In America, the value of a high school diploma has significantly decreased. In most circumstances, a 4-year college degree is necessary in order to have a decent chance at getting a job that pays more than minimum wage. Basically, a college degree is the new high school diploma. This is due to the fact that the public school system across America has not put sufficient effort into forming independent thinkers, but instead focuses more on “teaching a test” and not actually educating. The education system needs to undergo a major transformation. I believe with new methods of teaching, American schools would produce creative individuals that know how to adapt and possess a forward way of thinking. Applying a more dynamic approach to education would encourage students to value the learning process, spark creativity, and assist in discovering individual talents, which is necessary for a healthier and happier society. Many students do not see value in their education and lack the incentive to retain information being taught due to the apathetic attitude many teenagers acquire during the education process. In school, whether it is public or private, most students know that even if they put essentially no effort into their schoolwork, the teacher will more than likely find a way to pass them. If a student knows they can pass a class without putting work into it, then what reason do they have to actually try? This is where the apathetic attitude is formed. With this attitude, all school seems to be is memorizing formulas, equations, and vocabulary for tests, and then shortly after, erasing all of those things from memory. There is little to no motivation for a student to remember any of the information they are presented with. This may be the reason the Broad Foundation reports, “only one in four

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