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The Venezuelan educational system is covered by the Constitution and the Organic Law of Education. Education in Venezuela is free and compulsory between 7 and 14 years of age, the State also guarantees free public education schooling. The regulation of the Education Act is to establish rules and guidelines about the system, process and educational schemes. This regulation applies to all levels of the education system, except for the higher education level. The Venezuelan education system comprises four levels: preschool, primary education, secondary education and vocational education, and higher education. Preschool education or initial level is the first compulsory education system and lasts a year. Initial education is the first level of the education system, which aims to facilitate and mediate the integral formation of the child, supporting their growth and development through various programs and conventional and unconventional strategies that involve the family and community, with specialized teaching orientation, depending on the areas of development. Basic education should promote comprehensive education, as a basis for learning and continuing human development of each person, including policy guidance and pre-vocational training, by and for the job. It is the second level of compulsory education and includes nine years of study after which grants certification. Secondary education and vocational curriculum is articulated and administratively with higher education. Media Education aims to advance scientific knowledge, technology and humanities students and continue their education, ethics and citizenship and particularly, prepare for worthy and effective incorporation into the labor market and to pursue their studies in higher education , is the third level of education, which lasts three years. Completion of secondary school studies will lead to

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