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Times are changing rapidly, educational needs are being out dated by the modern day high school student. Leon Botstein, an expert in the field of education, validates this point and insists on the necessity of reformation. High school in the United States should be discontinued because it forces kids to be contained in an environment that inadequately prepares them for adulthood. High school acts as a holding tank for teens due to a lack of further options given to the youth of our nation. Teenagers attend high school in America because, in most states, it is the law. Perhaps if they were given an option to join the work force or go to a specialized learning institution at the age of sixteen, as Botstein noted, precious years would not be wasted. In some countries, for example England, students follow the education structure much like Botstein suggests. After elementary school, students attend four years of a secondary education graduating at the age of sixteen. This forces the young adult to have a responsibility at a much younger age and to be taken seriously as an adult. Special considerations given to students in the athletic department are taking away from the importance of educational teachings. “I had the same teacher for two years in a row and she would let me leave class early for tennis practice” (Sloan). What Sheldon says here is that the teacher is giving priority to sports over the material that that is being taught. This common practice in high school instills a false sense of importance in the mind of the students. For instance, when these teens enter a professional career, they will not be treated exceptionally for being a high school football star. These superficial definitions transcend the school walls and are embraced within the community. “A community’s loyalty to the high school system is often based on the extent in which the varsity teams

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