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Topic sentence | Children in the medieval era were seen as adults and not as children. | Supporting information/example | Philippe Aries stated that children and adults lives were not so different. His outlook was that the adults and children resided very much together as well as functioning and playing in a very alike manner. Therefore the adults do not see children as an independent group or childhood as a unique period of life. However the author Shulamith Shahar stated in her book () that there are lots of evidence which indicates that there were signs of childhood and they it was a familiar concept. | Explanation/ Elaboration | From the age seven to twelve there where made to carry out adult like household tasks such as looking after their younger siblings. When the children reached adolescence form the ages of twelve to fourteen they were allowed to get married, for girls it was twelve years old and for boys fourteen years old. The peasant children were made to stay home in order to support their parents and also to become skilled at household chores as well as helping out in the family fields. | Supporting information/example | This is supported by | Reasoning | | Reference | (cited) Childhood in the middle ages , Shulamith shahar THE CULTURE OF CHILDREN INMEDIEVAL ENGLAND* | ------------------------------------------------- * Shulamith Shahar in Childhood in the Middle Ages (1990) found a extraordinary amount of conflicting indication that childhood was a familiar concept. Both authors have a different view on what childhood was like in the medieval era. They both show a * There is clear evidence that there was a concept of childhood in the middle ages * However, it was not necessarily the same as our concept * One certainty is that, for many childhood was
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