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Kimani Blake Professor Cope English 125 24 October 2013 Education’s Collateral Damage In Education’s Collateral Damage, Herbert expresses how important the effects of stratification may be to the educational system. Herbert also discusses what Tom Vander Ark states which is “We’re seeing a scary level of income stratification that is the result of educational stratification”.(Ark 1) Still today we see a diverse result on stratification because it is more likely that low income class of people will dropout more than high income class of people. To be more in depth, I believe what Ark feels about stratification is related to Herbert’s essay by how stratification leads to no balance in this country. Furthermore, if we keep seeing dropout rates in urban areas there will not be any chance of prosperity and leadership in America from them. The income stratification clearly depicts the difference of rich and the poor and Herbert expresses this in his essay openly. The poverty of Blacks, Latinos, and native-Americans, makes them dropout out of high school and not attend college which ultimately leads to their economical inferiority. Herbert states a concern in his essay “Where the next generation of leaders will come from,”.(Hebert 1) This quote is something to take into consideration like who will step up and fix the problems in their social class. If there are people not pursuing an education then how will they gain leadership and set an example for everyone else to do the same in their social class. Another thing that is essential is that fist we need to help ourselves rather than looking for help. The people in poverty need to strive for college education and leadership individually. Having leaders is a necessity to balance out and fix the negatives of income stratification and educational stratification for the better future of this country.
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