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Education, according to the web dictionary, is “the act or process of imparting or gaining knowledge, judgment, and a level of intellectual maturity.” It is safe to say that people in today’s culture hold a great value to education including the word itself. Many people believe that without education you are nothing which is why it is held up as such a main priority. For centuries, we as African Americans went through a struggle. We were not allowed to learn how to read or write but only to work for the greater man. It was not until institutions such as HU that we were able to even be educated as a people. For our ancestors to go through all that they have in order for us to be treated as an equal race, we should hold education as a very high standard in our lives. In America, under the International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights, everyone is entitled to the right of education. Also under this treaty, free primary education is obliged. Many Americans take use of the public educational systems around the country. Until a collegiate level, education is free. Also, it is not until this level that such a decline in enrolled students occurs. There are many programs in the US that help to put under privileged students through school but with the recent recession, many of these programs have been cut back. It seems as if the government puts education on some sort of a back burn as the last thing to take care of. This should not be. With education being such a requirement in society in order to find jobs, it is essential that more and more students each year are going to four year colleges and universities. If you cut a child off from school you are putting a road block in his/her maturity. This is just like teaching a child how to tie his/her shoes. Teaching them just to lace their shoe and tie it gets you know where. Not having the shoe knotted is a

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