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USMLE STEP 1 NOTES These are my studying notes that have been used for my step prep. Goodluck in your exam. USMLE STEP 1 NOTES 1• Subendothelial Deposits are seen in SLE patients 2• Subepithelial Humps are seen in Acute Poststreptococcal Glomeruloneprhitis 3• Linear Subendothelial are seen in Goodpasture’s (Type II) 4• Mesangial Deposits are seen in IgA Nephropathy 5• Spike and Dome are seen in Membranous 6• Subendothelial Humps are seen in Membranoproliferative 7• Azithromycin – administered to HIV + patients can prevent Mycobacterium Avium 8• Ethambutol – inhibits arabinosyl transferase which polymerizes arabinose into arabinan etc. Side Effects à Optic Neuritis 9• Rifampin – inhibits bacterial DNA dependent RNA polymerase and thus prevents transcription of DNA into mRNA. 10• Isoniazid – inhibits mycolic acid synthesis. 11• FF = GFR/RPF 12•GFR = Creatinine Clearance/Inulin 13• RPF = PAH 14• Fibroadenoma – cellular myxoid stroma, sometimes there are compressed cystic spaces. 15• Spongiosis - epidermal accumulation of edematous fluid in the intercellular spaces. 16• Diphenoxylate – opiate anti-diarrheal structurally related to Meperidine. 17• Octreotide – good for secretory diarrhea, which is a Somatostatin Analog 18• Urease – converts urea to carbon dioxide and ammonia and thus increases pH 19• Radiation Therapy - causes 1) DNA double strand breakage 2) formation of free radical 20• Methadone – has a long half life 21• In Fetal Lungs - after 30 weeks there is an increase in Lecithin 22• After 36 weeks there is a rise in Phosphatydylglycerol 23• Males with 5 α reductase deficiency - feminized external genitalia, small phallus and Hypospadias are common. 24• Repair Damage – Glycosylase à Endonuclease à Lyase à DNA Polymerase à Ligase 25• H. Pylori – most common cause of duodenal ulcers 26• CMV in immunocompromised – Mononucleosis 27• Retinitis in CMV – HIV+
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