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My view on education is similar, but different from both Russell Baker in his essay “School vs. Education” and Daniel McGinn’s view on it. As McGinn describes in his essay “The Big Score,” education does not come from the class room. It comes from what you learn on a day to day basis. Baker explained “During formal education, the child learns that life is for testing. This stage lasts twelve years, a period during which the child learns that success comes from telling testers what they want to hear” (Baker 225). To me this means what the professors ask me in the class room are expecting me to answer them with what they have told me, not what I really think. It’s what they want to hear. Education, I learn outside of the class room is real life and that is the most of the important kind of education in my eyes. The reason why it’s so important to me is because in today’s generation, a kid could get a lot further in life being street smart instead of book smart and getting a “book” education. If the student wants to get an education then they should put effort into school and go to college and graduate. Going to college is important. That is if you want to go to college. If you want to pursue a career after college, then you need to become educated on that specific field of study that you want to pursue. In the essay “The Big Score” by Daniel McGinn, McGinn explained “in some states they give the students a test and are required to get a certain score on the test over everything they have learned that year and if they are pre-paired to move onto the next grade. If the students did not meet the required score on the test then the student would either have to go to summer school or they would get held back and have to retake the grade over again” (McGinn 262). I don’t think its right that they do this because it puts pressure on younger kids and if they don’t meet
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