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Education can help my generation and other generations influence changes in the world. Education is a very important factor in our lives because it’s the foundation of our future and success. Also education can give you the skills to realize your dream goals. Through education my generation will help reduce global warming by encouraging everyone to recycle. My generation will improve their search for cures for diseases and we would also improve world peace by stopping the wars. If you would like to learn more on how my generation is going to influence changes in the world, then I think you should keep reading this article. Education helps my generation understand the danger of global warning. With the knowledge that we have about global warming we are a very concerned about it and we want you to learn about it too. It’s extremely important that we understand the danger of global warming because just much as it harms the earth it harms us and our future too. Global warming is when the earth is getting hotter because our atmosphere is getting a lot thinner. Today young generations think about what they want to be in the future and where do they want to live but do you think that they think about if they are going to still be alive or if they are going to have the time to reach their goals? Well the answer to all of these is no. Most people are not aware that within the next five years far more change is expected to happen. Many planetary and weather changes will begin to emerge because of global warming and climate change. By 2011 it may already be clear to most people that this is happening. But my generation doesn’t want you to experience all of those horrible climate changes, that’s why we are here to tell you about it and help you. We can prevent from this happening by starting to recycle bottles, cans, paper and other

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