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Simon Zapata 3 January 2013 Unit One: Expository Paper Education is a general form of learning in which skills, knowledge, and habits are transferred from one person, or group of people to others; this is done by teaching, research, training, self-learning, and also experience. Many authors speak of their upbringing, and the effects education has on them. Some speak of their experiences by using anecdotes, and observations to show the effects of education. Mark Bauerlein, writer of Too Dumb for Complex texts?, criticizes modern teachers and their ways of teaching, and how it is affecting students. Authors Eudora Welty, author of One Writer’s Beginnings, speaks of her experiences with education when they she young, and the effects education and their teachers had on her. Francis Bacon, writer of, Of Studies, speaks about the importance of studying and how it can effect someone’s education and knowledge. These authors all yearn for a good education. A school’s goal is to show students how to think. Not force their own ideas and prejudices down their throats, but rather, to teach them to see the world from different viewpoints, to think for themselves, to form their own opinions, to argue logically, to be able to solve problems, and to put it simply, use their brains. A good education is the very best type of education schools can give kids. Show them how to think. Get them to think. Challenge them to think. Trick them to think. Persuade them to think. Students need opportunity to explore what they could be good at. By doing this, students can become more well rounded and develop their brains. In an interview with Carlos Osorio, my uncle, and a professor at Kean University, he stated: Good education is an all round education and is a basis for living, earning and enjoying yourself. I went to a pretty decent school and studied a wide range of subjects and
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