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Education Individuality-the ideal. "Individuality is the ideal of life," thus observed Sir Percy Nunn, and added that "a scheme of education is ultimately to be valued by its success in fostering the highest degree of individual excellence". Exalting the 'individual development-' as the aim of education, Sir Percy Nunn observes "that nothing good enters into the human world except in and through the free activities of individual men and women, and that educational practice must be shaped to accord with that truth." His belief in this aim is based upon the fact that individual is an architect of his own fate. He is responsible for his own destiny. Education, therefore, must cater for the complete development of an individual. The concept of individual development aim is based on the socio-political philosophy that social institutions, such as the family, the church, the school and the state exist only for believing and improving the life of the individual. The individual is the end and these social institutions are the means. Therefore, they justify their existence only if they are conducive to the promotion of the individual's welfare. The society, the state, and in fact all the social and political institutions exist and work for the welfare of the individual. Therefore, the aim of education should be the fullest possible development of the individual. The school as one of the important social institutions exists for the educand, and not the educand for the school. Therefore, the school should offer an environment and atmosphere which is conducive to the development of each and every student. Rousseau, the father of the philosophy of Naturalism and a great educationist, is the greatest supporter of individual aim in education. Education should aim at the training and development of the individual. Only a well-trained and properly educated individual can

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