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BTME 101 Elements of Mechanical Engineering PART-A 1. Basic Concepts of Thermodynamics (08) Definition of thermodynamic: Need to study thermodynamics; Application areas of thermodynamic; Difference between Microscopic (or, Statistical) thermodynamics and Macroscopic(or, Classical) thermodynamics; Brief concept of continuum; Thermodynamic System : definition, types (Open, Closed and Isolated) and their examples; Thermodynamic System Boundary : definition, types and their examples; Surroundings; Control(fixed) mass and Control Volume concept and their example ; Thermodynamic State; Thermodynamic Property: definition, types citing their examples; condition for any quantity to be a property; State postulate; Thermodynamic equilibrium (which includes Thermal, Mechanical and Chemical equilibrium etc.); Thermodynamic path; Thermodynamic process: definition, concept of reversible process, quasi-static (or, quasi-equilibrium) process, irreversible process, conditions for reversibility and how these are met with, non-flow processes and flow processes, method of representation of reversible and irreversible process on property diagrams; Cyclic process;Thermodynamic Cycle: definition and its concept; Energy and its forms (microscopic and macroscopic); Physical insight to internal energy; Energy transfer across system boundary i.e. transient energies (heat and work); Difference between heat and work; Sign conventions for heat and work interactions; heat and work as path functions; Equality of Temperature and Zeroth law of Thermodynamics. 2. First Law of Thermodynamics and its applications (12) Definition, essence and corollaries or consequences of first law of Thermodynamics; Expressions for First law of Thermodynamics for a control mass undergoing a Cycle and for process (i.e., a change in state of a control mass) ; Concept of Enthalpy and total energy and
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