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Education Education is a comprehensive term. It is body up with human race. Its boundaries are as rich and varied as life itself. Its meaning is as rich and deep as life itself. Just as it is difficult to squeeze life in a few words, in the same way, it is difficult to give a single meaning to or definition of the term 'Education'. It is, therefore, true that the last word on 'Education' can never be uttered. Yet, as an educational discipline, the term Education may be understood. -in its derivative sense; -from the point of view of Indian thinkers; -from the point of view of Western thinkers 1. Derivative Meaning of Education In its derivative sense, the term 'Education' may be understood as Educare and Educere. (a) Educare Educare is a Latin worsens, 'to nourish', 'to bring up', and 'to rise'. This means, educating a child means nourishing or bringing up the child according to certain ends or aims. (b) Educere Educere is also a Latin word and it means 'to lead out' 'to draw outhits means, educating a child implies drawing out what is ingrained in the child or leading him out of darkness into light. 2. Meaning of Education from the point of view of Indian Thinkers Ancient Indian thinkers took an idealistic or spiritual view of education. Modern Indian thinkers have regarded education more from the precinct of view that the idealistic one. (a) Ancient Thinkers (i) In Rigveda, education has been understood as something which makes a man self-reliant and selfless. (ii) In Upanishadas education has been understood aching the end product of which is salvation. (iii) According to Yajnavalkya, 'Eden is that which makes a man of good character and useful to the world. (iv) According to Kautilya, the great Indian Statesman and law giver, 'Education means training for the country and love for the nation. (v) Shankaracharya regards Education as 'the

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