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An Essay on Education Definition: Education is any act or experience that has formative effect on the mind,character or physical ability of an individual/recipient. In technical sense,Education is the process by which society deliberately transfers its accumulatedknowledge, skills & values from one generation to another. Etymologically, theword Education is derived from Latin word “Educere”, which means “to bring outor bring forth what is within”, in other words “to bring out potential”; and Latinword “ducere”, which means “to lead”. Thus Education is about grooming up themind, character & physical ability of an individual and instilling him/her withknowledge, skills & values to bring forth his/her potential to lead. The process of education is delivered through effective utilization of Verbal, Written &Kinaesthetic skills (now-a-days, technology is also playing an increasinglyimportant role) of the trainer to make effective impact of the senses of thetrainee, as a result of which the abilities of individual is enhanced.Education can be acquired through Formal, Informal or Experiential method.Formal Education is one, which acquired with an accomplished trainer, whoguides/leads the process of learning of the recipient. This is normally done byplacing suitably organized information & evidence for the recipient, by debating& challenging any apprehensions or doubts, and through suitabledemonstrations & controlled experiments. Certificates, Diploma & Degrees areconferred on the individual in the formal education system & are distinguishingfeature of this system. Informal Education is acquired through contemplation,observation, curiosity & logical reasoning, experimentation, Real life experiences& Self study. Experiential education is acquired as apprenticeship in a professionor trade under a supervisor, in experience sharing sessions (formal or informal)at work

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