Education Essay

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A century ago, many people could have a job without going to school. Most of them did not even possess any basic linguistic skills, yet they had no problem feeding themselves and their families. Hearing this fact, many will frown, confused with how education has grown into one of the most dominant factors in life. People in every race, whether they are young or old, rich or poor, and male or female, pursue education. Indeed, nowadays, proper education plays an extremely important role in determining whether one can get a job, or, to put it bluntly, to survive in this increasingly harsh society. However, what is the reason behind this phenomenon? What really is education that it is highly sought after in our modern society? Defining education as a process where teachers impart knowledge to students is a huge understatement. To say that education is simply gained by attending grade school, not to mention believing that a degree is the finish line in education, is completely wrong. Education is a universal approach to attain a broad-spectrum of knowledge that not only covers science, algebra, and job skills, but also many moral and social values, through a plethora of ways, ranging from attending educational institution to being an autodidact. Though education is universal, that is, available to everyone, it is not reflected correctly in reality. As people who strive for education come in varying backgrounds, ages, and races, it seems inevitable for Alexie mentioned in his essay, it is practically forbidden for an Indian to be seen as an adequately educated person. (15) Worse yet, even they themselves accept this situation, not attempting to fix it. In another case, Frederick Douglass elaborates his struggle as an ill-fated slave to be a literate person. (129) As a black slave born in an era where racism was at its peak, Douglass endured the restriction from his
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