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Zin Win Professor Dr. Huston-Bey Assignment #2: Education 21. 2.2012 Sex Education The topic on having sex education in public school has been pretty hot for some time now. There is a debate still going on whether they should have sex education in school teachings. “Giving sex education in schools is crucial to this spread, and may be supplemented by frank discussion at home”. (Jones, “Sex Education”) Sex education main focus is to prevent unplanned or unwanted pregnancies. It will help the teens to enjoy their life more and not to worry about a thing (Meyrick and Swann “Reducing the rate of teenage conceptions an overview of effectiveness of interventions and programmers aimed at reducing unintended conceptions in young people”.) Sex education should be taught in schools. It can open up some parents and teenage minds that it will happen prevent from having teenage pregnancy. Corbis, an NPR KAISER Kennedy School Poll stated in her article "Sex Education in America", thirty-six percent believes that sex education should teach teens how to make responsible decisions about sex (“Sex Education in America”). There are many pros on having sex education in public schools. The first pro is it can help prevent teens having HIV or any other transmitted diseases. As the US Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education (1991) state, ‘all sexual decisions have effects or consequences’, and ‘all persons have the… obligation to make responsible sexual choices’ (Jones, “Sex Education”). Basically that means that, if there is no sex education in schools, teens tends to make wrong choices. Having sex education would help prevent it. Another pros on having sex education is “They

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