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Education means a chance to learn… to improve my mind, to become more than I am. More knowledgable, more wise. Education means being around people who care about some of the same things that I do… improving, growing, and helping others do the same. Education means creativity and interesting banter. Education means getting deep into those ideas rather than just glossing over. Education means investigating your motives rather than ignoring them. Education means sharing knowledge with others and improving as a community. Education means having interesting conversations about more than just the weather. :) In today’s competitive and fast-paced society both educational institutions and businesses can’t afford to waste time or money when it comes targeting the right business solutions. One of the most popular business solutions used today is E-learning. E-learning (electronic learning) is a term that covers a wide set of applications and processes, such as Web-based learning, virtual classrooms, and digital collaboration. It includes the delivery of content via the Internet, intranet/extranet (LAN/WAN), audio and videotape, satellite broadcast, interactive TV, CD-ROM, and more. This essay will cover some of the many terms associated with E-learning and help to provide a better understanding of what e-learning technologies have to offer. At New York University E-learning is used for the various online (50/50) courses offered. These courses require students to receive fifty percent of their learning via traditional studies (in classroom) and fifty percent via the Web. The BBS (bulletin board system) is utilized, providing an online community run on a host computer where users can dial or log into in order to post messages on public discussion boards. Students can also send and receive e-mail, chat with other users, and upload or download files. BBS’s are generally

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