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Since we are born, we begin to learn. We learn the simplest things at first, but then we eventually learn how to talk and walk. At the age of Five or younger we are usually required to go to school. Every American has the opportunity to have a well educated life. Many people grow up enjoying it but most despise it. In other countries if education is present that it is a privilege to have; in America it can decide a person’s future quality of life. In America education isn’t valued like it should be. A person gets tired and never wants to go to school. In other Countries education is the biggest gift they can receive. Education provides poor countries like Africa, a chance to have well educated people and a better future. Some countries are not fortuned enough to have school. If no education is provided in a society they seem to suffer from a bad environment. But when school gets introduced, the environment and the people will change. “Education will open doors where none seem to Exist” (pg.445) is a quote in the book Kaffir Boy. The quote means that education will give you many opportunities that you may never be able to have if you are not educated. It can also mean that if you live in the worst place and you are educated than you have something to live and have hope for. Education in America is very important for your future. It can decide your income for the rest of your life and your way of living. When a strong education is not present a person tends to not have a good quality of life. This is because they may never achieve the goal of going to college and getting a good paying job. When you do very well in school and have your future planned out, then education can prove to be a good thing. Even the lower paying jobs require a person to have some education such as knowing to read and write. It is very hard to live or survive in the United States when

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