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From Gill and Benji Daniel Montreal December 2010 Dear Friends, Greetings from Montreal, Canada. It is the Holiday Season and time to greet one another! In Ezekiel 37:11 Israel says ‘our hope is lost’. As the Apostle writes to his spiritual son Timothy ‘we are in times of difficulty’ (2 Tim 3:1). In times like now, when so many issues such as global warming, the recession, or fear of terrorism can cloud our peace. Where can we go and what shall we do other than looking to the God of the Bible and Father of our Lord Jesus? (Daniel 10:21 and 1Samuel 30:6). As the final Day approaches we are extorted in Hebrews 10:24-25 to come together more often in our respective gatherings to pray for one another and break the bread with gladness. We need to learn to rejoice in pain and sorrow knowing all will be counted worthy for a full entrance into the kingdom of God as it is recorded in Acts 15:32 and Romans 8:18. Please add the following requests to your prayer list: 1-Permission is needed to build the prayer hall in Dhammannapet village in Telangana. The brother in charge is having difficulty obtaining permission to build due to some political persons opposing him. 2-We ask your continued prayer for peace as the issue of the statehood of Telangana in south India is to be decided on the 31st of December 2010. Our son Arun and Tina, and our niece and nephew had arranged a trip long back which involves visiting Telengana for a few days around that time, so we ask for prayer for their safety. 3-Pray for Gill’s 90-year-old father Ed Bresnen who is terminally ill in hospital. 4-We request prayer for 23-year-old James Wilson, a young believer suffering with leukemia from Bethel assembly, Pointe Claire, Montreal. Pray that the bone marrow transplant he received from his sister
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