Education Essay

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Education Abstract The purpose of this paper was to express my view to you the reader on education. I will begin with the definition of education. Then, I will give you some history on what influenced my view of education, and how I interpret the meaning of education. Also, in this paper, I will describe to you my personal experience of education, how important education is, and what the value of education is to me today. I will discuss with you how I came to the decision of going back to school, and how my view of education changed over time. Keywords: education, value, opportunities. Education What is education? Let us first define education. According to Webster’s Dictionary education is defined as, (noun) 1: the action or process of being educating or of being educated, 2: the field of study that deals mainly with methods of teaching and learning in schools. What does education provide for us? How important is education in today’s society? Education is the very foundation in which we as individuals grow, and formulate the knowledge w... ... middle of paper ... ...ue to me today. Without education I would not be where I am today, feeling the way I do about myself, and doing what I love the most. I am helping others, educating them on their own values, and the values they place on their world. For education comes in many types and forms. So ask yourself these simple questions? How important is education to me? What value do I place on education?
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