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Home background in education between middle class and working class is influenced by a number of factors. So I will find the advantages and disadvantages and compare between the two classes. Even though I believe that material deprivation is the main base of working class underachievement in school. Material deprivation is when one is denied material things and the working-class usually have low wages meaning they cannot afford to buy educational books, computers or sports equipment, or pay for educational trips. Also living in poor housing; damp and cold and overcrowding with no space could make home studying difficult. Poor diets without enough food could cause illness therefore absence from school hence missing out in lessons. Living in poor areas, with social problems like crime and drugs and poor role models for the children to imitate also explains working class underachievement whereas, the middle class have all the materials therefore, achieve better grades. Furthermore, middle-class parents place higher values of education by visiting school frequently to discuss their children’s progress and encourage them because of the importance of how they obtained their middle-class occupations. Whereas the working-class parents hardly visit school probably working longer hours doing overtime and see education less important because it had little relevance to their own, leading to poor motivations to the children. Also because middle-class parents are educated themselves, they know how the school works, and have money to buy books they know will stimulate their children. (Bernstein1961) stated that success at school depends on language for reading, writing, speaking and understanding. Middle-class use the “elaborated code” the formal language with wider vocabulary and requires details and explanations like writing an essay or in school textbooks giving them an

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