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Education What would you do without an education? Most people in the United States are well educated beyond others. Most parents believe that continuing with an education after high school is a definite must. The benefits of going to college vary depending on what you are planning to do in your lifetime. More kids will become extra intelligent thus they will be creating a network of intellectually gifted individuals. Numerous people will no longer die due to the fact that they’ll end up doing bad stuff on the streets instead of going to college. And a person that attends college is able to make ten times more money than those who wish to stop educating themselves after high school. Everyone should go to college if they desire to become successful individuals in the future. While some people argue that going to college is a waste of time, the reality is people will become smarter than they have ever been before due to the fact that they are learning so much more in college. Research has shown that college students have higher IQ scores than their peers whom have decided not to attend college. Their knowledge will increase drastically and will surpass the generations before them. With the level of education kids are going to receive in college, there is no doubt that they will become a lot more intelligent. Some argue that home schooling is another option, however it is not the same as going to class and being taught by professors whom have years of experience. Others argue that instead of attending college, they can enjoy their lives without having to worry about classes or getting an education. The fact is that most kids who have dropped out of high school or stopped learning after high school are more likely to end up doing bad stuff on the streets. They can be gang banging, doing drugs, and getting violent with one another. Even scarier, they

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