Educating the Educators. Essay

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In the world of knowledge, where things we want to learn are at our finger tips, where information is free and is like an ocean, the importance of teachers, scholars, professors is gaining more importance against the contrary thoughts. Their implications, ideas, inputs would have changed from spoon-feeding to information-based classroom, from coercing words into the young minds to making them understand to what they are learning. Their significance on their involvement in society is gaining more attention, their intellectual ability to advice and address issues ranging to political and economical matter, and on every angle their contribution in framing the next generation. On this matter, few questions arise in my mind on how well the teachers or scholars are prepared to meet the challenges. How well they are equipped to the ever growing demands of the children and moreover from their parents. Due to pressures mounting, their ability in updating their knowledge base away from the syllabus to updates in what they teach, courses, competition delivery etc. The end result on how aptly the students impart the learning’s in their day-to-day life, hence shaping their future, which will drive our economy into a super power. Teachers who are qualified, research oriented, having the ability and willingness to impart what they have acquired spending hours in front of their books are the need of the hour. Their presentation, delivery pattern, tone, method, the off-duty classroom behavior towards the students takes them to the top of their minds. Interaction level in understanding their eagerness, supporting them in focusing to what they want to do in the academic and cultural front adds a lot to their credibility. Motivational classes, personality development training sessions that are apart from the normal 5-hour classroom help the young minds in chasing on their

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