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Rita and Me “Educating Rita” is a movie about the process of learning. The main character is a married woman named Rita, who desires to be educated. At a certain moment she has to decide between her family and her education. Surprisingly, she prefers to be educated, thus, making her a stronger person. I will compare Rita’s life and mine. Rita and I both wish to have an education. While Rita wants to find herself and to be taken seriously by people, I want to study to find a good job in the future. In terms of personal qualities, Rita and I are both tenacious and persistant. A scene which describes those qualities for Rita is when Frank is correcting Rita’s third essay and she says, “Tell me if the essay is bad and I’ll do it again”. Rita didn’t care how many times she had to write her essay; what was important to Rita was to write a good one. Like Rita, I am persistant too. For example last week, after writing an essay corrected by my ESL teacher. I noticed that the essay wasn’t good. I wrote it again because I knew I could do it better. Rita and I both want to write good papers in English and we have. It has been hard for us to reach our goals but the key is to keep trying and to never give up on something we really want. That is because being persistant brings rewards. Rita’s family relationship and mine are not alike. Rita didn’t have any support from her family. They wanted her to stay in the same social status with them. For that reason Rita had to leave her family to achieve her goal. She didn’t want to be like her mother in the future. For instance, when the whole family was together in the bar, she realized her mother wasn’t happy with the life she was living; Rita’s mother wanted to change, but didn’t. Rita reflecting on her mother’s life, decided to fight for a better future. In my family, I have all the support a

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