Educating Rita Growth

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English Summary essay: Growth in phase I Transitioning between social worlds can result in the growth of the individual undertaking the journey and their relationships. Willy Russell’s, “Educating Rita,” highlights this in the first phase of Rita’s journey, she exhibits a desire to grow, without the proper understanding of the difference between growth and change; both in herself and in her relationships with others. Scene one introduces both Frank and Rita, and provides a gauge for how Rita grows throughout the play. Rita is depicted as crude and uneducated, and this is reflected by her diction, the use of contraction to highlight errors in her speech, her lack of an attention span and the topics which she chooses to discuss with Frank. These characteristics are summarised when Rita says, “I mean when he painted it do y’ think he wanted to turn people on?” Furthermore, Rita is shown to be significantly less sophisticated than Frank, when she begins discussing the literature which she has read, “I read this poem about fightin’ death…” “Ah – Dylan Thomas…” “No. Roger McGough… You probably won’t think it’s any good.” The contrast in interpretation of the same topic between Rita and Frank shows the gulf between the two of their levels of education. Significantly, Rita is aware of this gulf and exhibits a desire to do what she perceives as growing, however Frank understands the superficiality of his world and fears that Rita will not grow but simply change who she is through her journey. “… if you want to change y’ have to do it from the inside don’t y?” … “…you’re the first breath of fresh air that’s been in this room for years.” Rita shows that she understands that her journey must be an internal one, and also that she does perhaps not understand completely what this will involve and what she will have to risk, and the metaphor of fresh air highlights how Frank
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