Educating Rita By Willie Russel Essay

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In this play, Willie Russell has created two extremes of culture and put them together to focus on the differences between them and how these two cultures change as the play develops. Firstly there is Frank with a good job as a teacher and a large house and is well educated, who is contrasted with Rita who has a council house, works as a hairdresser and is not well educated. They first meet when Rita goes to Frank because she wants to be educated. As the play continues, Frank and Rita almost completely exchange roles as they are both unhappy with their culture and want to be more like the other. This play was written in the 1980's where the working, middle and upper classes were still used widely to determine what your culture was and how important you are to the social society at the time. Educating Rita is a humorous play giving out a very strong message, which is telling the audience to never give up in life and keep striving for what you are aiming for. In this play we have a 26 year old woman called Rita whom is a mature woman, seeking an education, as she didn't take the opportunity to learn when she was an amateur student, because of the environment she lived in and the fact she didn't want to learn due to her popularity and her working class culture. Liverpudlian playwright, Willy Russell, Educating Rita is a "must read" play for every drama student. (It is a modern fictitious play recommended for fourteen to eighteen year olds of all reading abilities). (Some of Willy Russell’s other works include Shirley Valentine, Blood Brothers, Our Day Out and Stags and Hens.) 1. ---INTRODUCTION--- 2. Educating Rita was first written and performed in the 1980s. The play is actually set in the year that it was written, 1985. It made its debut in the world of theatre - and soon afterwards, due to its huge success, it was made into a film. 3.

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