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Educating Rita Essay

  • Submitted by: blondebarbie777
  • on April 2, 2014
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Educating Rita
It has been proven that neither biology or a person’s upbringings can determine their destiny, but both can have long-term effects (Bjorklund p.12). In my personal life experience I can identify with the statement that “children who grow up in the warmest homes are more able, as adults, to express emotions appropriately and openly, to see the world and the people living in it as trustworthy, and to have friends whom they enjoy leisure-time activities” (Bjorklund p.12). Since my childhood was full uncertainty and instability, I am now able to recognize the long-term effects that my childhood had on me and how they affect my adult life. I have a difficult time expressing emotions or instantly trusting someone. I now recognize how raising my child in a stable and secure home has long lasting influences that go beyond his childhood.
In the movie Rita decides to go back to college by signing up at an open university at the age of twenty six. I would conclude that this was a nonnormative life event for Rita because she was already a hair dresser with a career when she decided that she wanted to become more educated. She was also past the normal age range for college students at that time.
Critical thinking is defined as thinking that has been systematically criticized (Dales p. 1). During the moving Educating Rita, the main character Rita learns to question literary concepts. One example is when Rita sees the play Macbeth at the theater and is completely captivated by the play. When she tells her tutor Frank about they play she begins to analyze the definition of tragedy.   This shows that she has taken the initiative to interoperate the meaning of the play and to look past its entertainment value.
Critical thinking was a subject that I am now very passionate about. From elementary school to the beginning of college I always accepted what the books and professors said as truth. When former Harvard president Nathan M. Pusey said that “the job of the...

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