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Scott West Eng 111-250 Analyzing Concepts 28 August 2010 Education in America Education in the United States has evolved with many changes since the early settler days of this country. Most of us can visualize the one room school that taught everyone in and around town up to eighth grade. The teacher was often the town preacher. The building was the church everyone gathered in on Sunday morning. If work needed to be done on the farm then going to school had to wait. People in remote locations with no community would have taught their children themselves. We think about how simple it may have been then but I believe there were many challenges. Heating and cooling the school building was an issue. There would have been windows, no air conditioning and a wood or coal oven in the middle of the room for heat. Wood or coal had to be obtained and brought in by someone. Repairs and updates to the building would need to be done. Transportation to and from school was certainly not easy for the students who lived miles away during inclement weather. School supplies and teachers salaries were certainly issues that had to be dealt with. Today we have many of the same issues with different twists to them. All taxpayers, especially homeowners pay taxes that fund our schools. This is how we maintain the buildings and salaries today. We use a majority vote on levies to decide if taxes will be raised or not to fund public school programs. If you choose to send your child to a private school or home school you must pay tuition to fund that school program out of your own pocket in addition to the taxes you already pay for the public school program. I believe a private or home schooling program is not an easy decision for a parent to make due to the extra cost and time commitment that must be made. Private schools are usually patterned after traditional public schools and

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