Educated People Essay

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Everyone has a right to an education. What does education mean? The word “education” is defined as the activities of educating, or instructing or teaching that imparts knowledge or skill. According to the Human Right Commission, the right to an education is the development of human potential to the enjoyment of the full range of human rights. I personally believe that education is an open window to many good opportunities. But education is gained in more ways than one. Education is an open window to many opportunities, one of those opportunities; one of those opportunities is getting a good job. Education can get you into jobs of high level. In elementary school children at Taylor Elementary are labeled, for lack of a better term. In about 3rd grade those who are labeled ‘gifted’ are sectioned off and for about an hour a day are placed into a challenge class. This class is designed to make schooling more difficult for those specific children. Now I was never one of those ‘gifted’ children, even though all of my friends had been. But once elementary school ended there was the Honors Core at Mt. Garfield Middle School. Now the Honors Core was meant to challenge students that would be bored when placed into standard level classes. Now seeing as I was never chosen for the challenge class I told myself time and time again that there was no possible way for me to get into the Honors Core. But I did. Of course it was a challenge at first but any sort of honors class or AP class is a challenge. From the last day of eighth grade forward I told myself that I would do well in school and push myself and strive to do better. I started out high school in the IB program like any other gung ho freshman. I was ready to conquer the world at the beginning of that year. But as time went on and that program became more of reality I learned how badly I wanted to have a
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