Edu 697 Capstone a Project Approach Entire Course Essay

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EDU 697 Capstone A Project Approach Entire Course Purchase here Product Description EDU 697 Capstone A Project Approach Entire Course EDU 697 week 1 Ashford 2: – Week 1 – Discussion Learning in a Technology-enhanced Environment A peer reviewed journal or article is an article or journal that has been reviewed by experts in the field and deemed to be worth reading by other professionals. Typically this is an extensive process in which reviewers are carefully vetted for expertise and professional experience. In this assignment, you will have an opportunity to examine a peer reviewed article and apply what you have learned to a professional scenario or activity. Please refer to the following tutorials for guidance on conducting scholarly research at the Ashford Library: About Scholarly Journals and Online Databases How to Conduct Research Using the Ashford Library Step 1: Research This activity will be appropriate for your ePortfolio and addresses Program learning Outcome 4. Locate one peer reviewed article from the Ashford University Library, which describes the effects, benefits, advantages, etc., of instructional technology on learner achievement. Look for an article that can be applied to your own profession or you may use another educational environment (K12, higher education, military, corporate, etc.). The article needs to come from a peer reviewed source (e.g., Proquest, ERIC databases) and be a full-text article.Tip: Suggested search keywords are “benefits advantages instructional technology.” Please specify the database where you located the article(s) as part of your APA citation. Summarize the article in one paragraph, including an overview of the topic, key concepts, findings and recommendations. Include the APA formatted
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