Edr Unit 2 / P1 Essay

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Unit 2 – EDR – Task 1 P1 Why is EDR important in a health and social care setting It is important to promote equality in a health sector because every patient needs to be treated the same in order to meet their needs correctly. Recognising Diversity is important whilst working in a health and social care sector because you need to be able to value every individual’s differences, including talents so that you are able to create a happy environment where every individual can participate. The way people dress, their appearance, age, race, skin colour, background and religion are all ways in which people can diverse against others. Recognising Diversity and Promoting Equality policies are put in place to ensure that all individuals receive fair and equal treatment in all aspects of employment. Respecting individual’s rights when working in a health and social sector is important as you need to ensure that all of your patients/customers are happy with the level of care and support that they are receiving. If a individuals rights are not respected then they will be very unsatisfied with the services they are receiving and will more than likely complain about this. All part of people’s rights, each individual has the right not to be discriminated against because of their individual background. For example there age, race, culture, skin colour, religion, appearance and sexual orientation. If a patient is discriminated against during the period when they are receiving a health professional’s care then the professionals will have to deal with the consequences of doing this. Each individual that is accessing the health and social care sector are entitled to have their rights

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