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Edmonia M. Lewis Edmonia Lewis born around July 4 year 1843-1845 and died September 17,1907 she was an African-American neoclassical and Native sculpture. Themes of freedom, famous Americans including abolitionist and sculptures that always showed freedom of either Native Americans or African-Americans where always depicted in her artwork. Most of her accomplishments and the greater part of her life was spent and lived in Rome. Edmonia Lewis mother was Native American and her father was Haitian which gives you the assumption that the people in her artwork maybe was influenced by her parents and daily life. Edmonia Lewis and her brother became orphaned at the age of ten. Edmonia original name was Wildfire and her brother name was Sunrise. When their two aunts adopted and took them to northern New York, that’s when their name changed to Edmonia Lewis and Samuel W. Lewis. A bright education for her future, Edmonia went to prep school and Oberlin College in 1859. Not being able to finish College because of two white girls accused her of poisoning them and was not able to finish her last year. Being verb and physically attacked Edmonia moved to Rome contributing to most of her work and developing the style of neoclassical artwork. In Rome, Lewis joined a large artistic community that included other women sculptors such as Harriet Hosmer, Anne Whitney, and Emma Stebbins. She began to work in marble, and adopted the neoclassical style. Along the way Edmonia even met Fredrick Douglass in 1887 in Rome. While in Rome Edmonia created artwork Forever Freedom, Old arrow and his maker, and the Death of Cleopatra. In conclusion, even though Edmonia hardly made any money off of her artwork. She had to endure many hardships of being mistreated and not recognize for her talent without a doubt Edmonia M. Lewis was a talented sculptor that sculpted meaningful messages through

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