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English 101 Editorial Essay Rebuttal Galloway Township Protects Its Children …Or at least we tried. As I was drinking my morning tea today on Monday, May 11, 2009 I thought I was going to puke up my breakfast. On page eight of section A of the politically independent newspaper, The Atlantic City Press I read the editorial: Sex-Offender Residency Decision. The paper’s view reads A Good Call For All. Shockingly, this editorial supports Appellate Division Judge Joseph Lisa’s opinion which reads as follows: “Although Demographics vary considerably from one municipality to another, we see nothing unique from one locale to another about the need to protect children from sexual predators.” I wonder if Judge Joseph Lisa has any children…show more content…
I think that was a damn good ordinance; New Jersey’s Supreme Court didn’t. They want to protect all the residents of the state even these sexual predators. They think that these sexual predators should have the right to live where they want. Not me!!!! This editorial states that if we ban them from Galloway Township then they will just have to go from my town, to your town, to the next town, and the poor perverted predators won’t have a place to live! Why should we, as a community, be forced to have to worry about where we live with our children because we have to protect the sex offenders’ rights? Sex Offenders, Molesters of Children, should have no rights. Not only should they have to register according to Megan’s Law but they should also have as many restrictions as possible on their residency to protect our children! That’s what the Galloway ordinance attempted to do; yet the Supreme Court of New Jersey, with all its lack of wisdom, decided differently last

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