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THE EDITORIAL BOARD Fill in the following details in Block letters: Name: SHAYONI SENGUPTA Registration Number: 140929124 Year: 2 Contact Number: 9901320450 Branch: MECHATRONICS Departments applying to : (Tick the relevant options) Writing (English) Yes Writing (Hindi) Admin Logistics Database Photography Art Design Allon-sy! WRITING SECTION 1. In around 200 words, write your best interpretation of the following picture: The minimalistic yet profound picture depicts a child having deep interest in geography and sciences, standing alone, without friends, support or encouragement. It’s a take on our society where studious and diligent children are widely known as “Nerds”, “The Uncool Kids” and the like. In a society where children are enormously commended on having an extracurricular activity or a cultural interest, children having technical or less glamorous interests are shunned for being boring and drab. While they are respected grudgingly, they aren’t well accepted in social circuits, and typically lack friendship and romance. However, they shouldn’t give up their passion for a better social life and continue to be zealous in their approach for science and innovation, as they are the ones taking society to a better tomorrow. 2. Imagine that MIT was actually the Indian Hogwarts, with its own houses, magical subjects, and creatures. What would happen? Give us your thoughts in the form of a short story. Short story: A new chapter He looked around. The whole atmosphere was so alien, yet so familiar. Students whizzed past him, in their glistening brooms, late for the morning lecture. The owls were sitting on the trees surrounding the academic blocks and the cafeteria, sleeping

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