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University of Phoenix Material Editing, Sound, and Music Worksheet Complete the following worksheet by answering each question as it pertains to the movie you selected in Week One. Each answer must be at least 50 words in length. When complete, submit to your facilitator for review. GIVE EXAMPLES. 1. What film did you review for this assignment? The movie I choose for this assignment is Tears of the Sun (2003) starring Bruce Willis as Lieutenant A.K.Waters. 2. How does the cinematography (camera angles and movement) positively or negatively affect your opinion of this film? Give examples. The cinematography positively affects my opinion of this film. There are many different scenes that show an unbelievable and surreal picture. For example, when Dr. Kendricks begins assembling the able-bodied for the twelve-kilometer hike; the priest and the nuns stay behind to take care of the injured. The art in this specific scene is so emotional and incredible. Another scene where the cinematography gave me a positive affect was when Dr. Kendricks was forced into the helicopter, leaving the refugees stranded in the jungle, unprotected against the rebels. En route to the aircraft carrier, they fly over the original mission compound, seeing it destroyed and all its occupants murdered, as she had predicted. This film was constructed out of rain, cinematography and the face of Bruce Willis. These materials are sufficient to build a film almost as good as if there had been a better screenplay. 3. How does the mise-en-scéne (sets, costumes, hair and makeup, lighting, acting) affect your perception of the film? The mise-en-scène greatly affected my perception of this movie in a positive way. This is one of my all-time favorite movies. The acting in this movie is extremely incredible. Bruce Willis who’s character was Lieutenant A.K.

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