Edith Wharton And Ethan Frome Similarities

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One of the most distinctive and famous American writers of the eighteenth century was Edith Wharton. Edith Wharton is most known for her wit and elegance in her writing. Two famous novels, Wharton wrote were The Age of Innocence and Ethan Frome. Both novels, The Age of Innocence and Ethan Frome have several similarities and differences. Edith Wharton had a unique background. Edith Wharton grew up living in upper class New York Society, where she was taught to follow all the mannerism of that society. Edith married Edward Robbins Wharton, also known as “Teddy”. Teddy and Edith had cheated on each other several times during their marriage and after 28 years of marriage they got divorced. Edith enjoyed traveling to Europe and ended up living…show more content…
One difference is the setting. Ethan Frome takes place in a small town called Starkfield in Massachusetts. Starkfield appears to be a boring and cold town with horrendous winters. In the novel, it is said that many people leave the town because there is no opportunity for them and there is nothing there in the town for them. The town seems very gloomy and depressing. Starkfield consist of mostly middle class and poor people. In contrast The Age of Innocence takes place in upper New York City. Upper New York City consists of mainly rich, upper middle class, and the extremely wealthy. New York City is more lively, and has much more opportunities for people than Starkfield. People in upper New York City are never bored like the people in Starkfield because they are always entertaining themselves by attending elegant parties and exquisite operas. Another difference between these two novels is the Mattie and Ellen. Mattie is sweet, lively, cute, naive and young. Even though Ellen like Mattie is physically attractive she also is also intelligent, worldly, independent, unique, and creative. Ellen had more knowledge of the world than Mattie because Ellen had traveled to Europe, read several famous books, and has been divorced. Mattie in contrast is very naïve and isn’t as intelligent as Ellen is. The two novels also differ in their endings. Although Ethan
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