Edison vs Tesla

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Edison VS Tesla Name Subject Date Professor University Many believe that Thomas Edison was the inventor of the incandescent light bulb and regards him as a symbol for electrical ingenuity. But to others, Thomas Edison was only the CEO of a corporation that invented and pioneered several electric components and devices as we know them today. Edison was not so much an inventor or innovator, but an entrepreneur and businessman. Of the thousands of engineers and employees under Edison, one of them stood out among the rest. His name was Nikola Tesla. Tesla, originally from Serbia, immigrated to the US with no wealth or property. All that Tesla had was his imagination and many great ideas for electricity. After Tesla arrived in the United States, he was hired on as an engineer for Thomas Edison. Edison paid little mind to Tesla and viewed him as little more than another employee. But when it came down to it, Tesla was reliable. Edison often gave Tesla the task of repairing some piece of electrical machinery and Tesla would fix them. Tesla worked tirelessly for Edison, often times suggesting new ideas on how to operate the machinery he fixed. Months into Tesla’s suggestions, Edison would hear no more of Tesla. Edison began ridicule and berate Tesla because of what was perceived to be crazy and outlandish ideas of an alternating current form of electricity to power electronics. Rumor had it that Edison, in fact, was jealous of the ingenuity of Tesla. With personality and philosophical conflicts, Tesla and Edison had a falling out. Tesla left Edison’s company and began work on his own in advancing his research into alternating current. Upon hearing of Tesla’s new research and success in perfecting his alternating current technology, Edison shifted his focus to direct current research and development. When direct current became public knowledge, reports in the

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