Edi Level 2 Diploma in Optical Retail Skills

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UNIT H6024854 – Contribute to the record keeping of the optical practice 1.1 Why it is important to apply practice requirements, policies and procedures It’s important to follow the procedure to make sure that patient’s data and privacy are respected, that information is securely passed to the appropriate person and to show a professional manner. 1.2 Describe the potential consequences of not following practice requirements, policies and procedures If we did not follow the practice requirements nothing would run smoothly and we wouldn’t know where anything was relating to patients. By following practice requirements we are showing we are professional and have a duty of care. 1.3 Describe the record keeping procedures used in the practice We keep our records locked up in a draw in alphabetical order so they are easy to find and also on a computer system. When a patient comes in we can find there record quick and easy both paper and computer. When new patients come in we make a paper record for them and also add them to our computer records. 1.4 Explain practice scheduling and prioritisation policies and balancing the practice and customer requirements If a patient was to come in asking for a sight test we would try our best to make sure we could fit them in. In our branch we only test of an afternoon and one particular patient could only do mornings so we rang our other branch to see if we could swap the appointments around so we was able to fit our patient in. 2.3 Explain the types of appointments and the scope of customer needs there may be We have appointments for sight tests which we do every Thursday afternoon and every other Saturday afternoon. As we share a locum optometrist with our sister branch we can sometimes swap our afternoons for mornings if a patient can only make a morning appointment. 2.6 Explain
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