Edgar Poe and Stephen King Essay

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Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King are the masters of their craft, blessed- or perhaps cursed- with imaginations that set higher standards in the field of writing. Both authors broke new ground in fiction that has had a significant impact in the world of literature. King’s Essays and Poe’s Poems are somewhat similar, but Poe’s Poems are less suspenseful. “The Raven” didn’t have so much suspense like King’s Essay’s. King’s Essays are about horror, suspense, science fiction, and about fantasy. On the other hand Poe’s Poems are about love, mystery, and about macabre. In my opinion, “The Raven” really doesn’t meet the requirements that Stephen King’s Essay’s do. Like I mention before Poe’s Poem’s mostly relate to an American Romantic movement, whose poems reflect on a depression because of a love. “The Raven” isn’t a Poem about neither suspense nor horror, it’s about an obsession. As the author Edgar Poe puts, “From my books surcease of sorrow – sorrow for the lost Lenore – For the rare and radiant maiden whom the angels name Lenore-“(11-12). We learn a lot about the speaker in these two lines. A lot about his background and a lot about why he's in an unusual state. Poe reveals the back-story in stages. First, we learn that the speaker is sad, then that he's sad about a woman, and finally that he's sad because she's dead. One thing we don't learn here, or anywhere else in the poem, is the identity of this woman; it remains a mystery through pout the Poem. Was she the speaker's lover? His wife? His sister? He doesn't say in what way he loved her, but it's very clear that he did, and still does, and that losing her has shattered him. The woman in the poem was never identified which causes a mystery throughout the poem wanting to know who she is. In King’s Essay’s, he makes everything suspenseful, having you in that suspenseful or tense mood of what’s

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