Edgar Allen Poe Thesis Paper

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Edgar Allen Poe’s life experiences had a major impact on the topics and themes of his writing. His most recurrent theme he had in his writing was death. He wrote about that topic because almost everyone he loved or cared for died. Another was revenge. In many of his stories, death and revenge went hand in hand. He also had many stories that had to do with disease. His mother, his step mother, his wife and cousin all died from tuberculosis. There was death in almost all of his stories. It was by far his most used theme. In the story “The Black Cat,” the main character would commit very violent acts when he was drunk. One night, he hangs his own cat in the tree in his back yard. Then, the same night, his house burns down. On one of the ruined walls, there is an outline of the cat with rope around its neck. Once he gets a new house, he also finds a new cat. This cat greatly resembles his old cat. He turns to hating the new cat, and one day, when inspecting his cellar with his wife, he almost trips over it. Enraged, he grabs an axe for which to behead it with. When his wife defends the cat, he buries the axe in her head. He then hides her body in the wall of his cellar. The cat then goes missing. When the police come unexpectedly to Poe’s house to question him, a loud shriek emanates from the wall which was concealing his dead wife. The police then take down the wall and find the corpse of his wife, with the missing cat perched upon. One story called “The Cask of Amontillado” written by Poe has much to do with revenge. In the story, a man named Montresor feels that another man, named Fortunado, has insulted him, even though Fortunado really didn’t do anything to him. Montresor’s family motto is “nemo me impune lacessit” which basically means: “No one insults me without punishment.” During a party, Montresor takes advantage of Fortunado’s

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