Edgar Allan Poe's Outlook On Life Through His Works

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Edgar Allan Poe’s Outlook on Life through his Works In Edgar Allan Poe’s works “The Raven,” “Alone,” and “Letter to John Allan,” Poe feels emotionally disconnected from the world and had been disowned by his adopted father who left him alone in the world. In “The Raven” Poe reminisces of Lenore who in reality is Virginia Clemm, Poe’s late wife. Poe wanted help as shown in “Letter to John Allan” and made an appeal to Allan for financial aid. Through the works of Poe’s “The Raven,” “Alone,” and “Letter to John Allan,” Poe views life as a journey full of despair. “The Raven” expresses Poe’s grief at the loss of Virginia Clemm portrayed as Lenore. He was distraught and tried “to borrow / From… books surcease of sorrow… for the lost Lenore” (lines 9-10). Poe could not get over the death of…show more content…
Poe’s description of the setting as a “bleak December” (l. 7) day tells the reader of his loneliness. Winter symbolizes the darkness, the loneliness, and the gloominess Poe felt. The end of the year marked the time to celebrate holidays with family and friends. Poe chooses this time of the year to show the reader that the narrator has absolutely no one with whom to share his holidays. The most important symbol used in the story is the raven. The Raven is known for its dark mysteriousness and unusual solitude. Through the author’s use of winter and a raven as symbols, the author has created a dark lonely setting for the story to take place. When the raven comes to Poe and says “Nevermore” (l. 84), Poe is burdened by his thoughts of Lenore he comes to think of the raven as an evil thing that has come to torment him. Poe calls the raven a “thing of evil! - prophet

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