Edgar Allan Poe “the Tell-Tale Heart”

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The story under consideration is called “The Tell-Tale Heart”. It was written by Edgar Allan Poe. Poe was an important American writer of the 19th century who specialized in horror stories and psychological thrillers, and he is often considered one of the forefathers of the gothic genre. And The Tell-Tale Heart is one of these stories. The story is told by an unnamed narrator who insists he is insane He lives with the old man whose “pale-blue, vulture-like” eye disturbs the narrator so much that he makes up his mind to murder the old man. Having murdered him he conceals the body under the floorboards. Not long after the police come because of shriek. The narrator begins to hear strange noise which he thinks is the heartbeat of the old man. Shocked by it the narrator believes the officers must hear the sound and confesses. Elements of the horror genre can be seen through the whole story. Even in the title the author uses alliteration. Repeating the initial sound “t” Poe imitates a heartbeat. On the other hand, I believe, the title is used symbolically. The narrator thinks that the sound is the beating of the old man’s heart, but it’s his own heartbeat, signifying his fear of being caught. To my mind, the theme of this story is crime and punishment and people’s fear. And the main idea is that a person will pay for his deeds. All the story is the retrospective inner monologue, where the narrator remembers his murdering. As for the main character, there is no mentioning about his appearance, but through his inner monologue, by means of indirect description, we can regard him as a mad man. To prove this the author uses rhetorical questions: “I am mad? Am I mad? -would a madman have been so wise as this”, so that the reader himself can ask to this question, having read the story. Moreover the use of graphical devices, such as dashes which constantly break his speech

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