Edgar Allan Poe- the Cask of Amontillado

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Buried Alive Edgar Allan Poe is methodical in creating a gothic darkness and evil storyline provoking sympathy anger, and back to understanding the actions of evil that Montressor inflicted without impunity. Poe creates fantasy and reality, “his fiction often made fun of what he wrought best: terror tales”, (Fisher xv) with The Cask of Amontillado, leaving the reader to question self on how far would you go to avenge your pride, and your honor. The Cask of Amontillado, Montressor narrates a sinister plot to punish and bury Fortunato alive is implausible, however, understanding how antagonistic Fortunato was towards Montressor and the mass of insults delivered may change the readers mind. Poe uses two unusual settings to create the atmosphere in the story, a carnival at night which initially reads as fun, festive, and happiness and however, if you look beyond that carnivals also create an environment of madness, and chaos which releases Montressor freedom to implement his plan of revenge and his high level of evil in which Montressor lures Fortunato into the family catacombs to die. The first setting in the story of jovial, happiness, and jubilant behavior amongst the crowd allows a sense of freedom for Montressor to move and execute his plan without suspicion from Fortunato. The freedom of the carnival lessens the tension between the two frenemies which invites the element of surprise and the climax of Montressor’s plans to bury Fortunato alive amongst dead bodies. The next setting takes place at an underground catacombs presents a heavy sense of death and horror to the reader. The foulness in the air, the closeness of space, the walls covered with human remains and the mounds of human bones provides the reader with an eerie presence of death. As the story progresses Poe gives the reader a hint of animosity between the two friends, Montressor and
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