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EAL Hr. 8 11 November 2011 Edgar Allan Poe The era of dark romantics was filled with creepy, mysterious works of literature. They came from a variety of authors of many diverse backgrounds. Arguably the most famous of these dark writers was Edgar Allan Poe. Poe’s youth years were full of the deaths of loved one’s such as his mother and foster mother. These tragedies led to Poe’s alcoholism and fear of the disease called tuberculosis, for this was the cause of death in many of his loved ones. One of Poe’s poems, “The Raven”, reflects the losses, psychological issues, and unanswered questions he faced in his life. The most blatant way he conveys his losses is through his character, Lenore. He refers to her several times throughout the poem. The connection is that Poe lost many women in his life, all from the same disease, tuberculosis. Poe lost his mother when he was just an infant and had to watch her die with his own eyes. He also lost his foster mother, Francis Allan, to tuberculosis. When she died, Poe formed his image of women as angels to him, while men stood around and mocked. That idea came primarily from Edgar’s foster father, John Allan. And lastly, Poe lost his cousin and wife, Virginia, to the same disease. It seems as if he was cursed by this disease; like it was constantly watching him and attacking his loved ones. Just like the raven, “never flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting on the pallid bust of Pallis just above my chamber door,” (Poe 290). From this quote, the raven can be seen as the disease of tuberculosis like it was a spirit or something, and was still sitting there watching Poe even after the loss of Lenore, or the women in his life. Poe was destroyed by loss, but his psychological issues also go the best of him. Poe was an alcoholic which crushed many opportunities in life. The character in this story deals

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