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| The Gothic Nature of Poe | | | Ryan Dhindsa | | This is a research paper describing the influences of Poe’s style and how his stories fulfill the criteria of the Gothic genre of fictional literature. | Edgar Allan Poe is one of the most recognized authors of the 19th century and the first American author to become prominent outside of America, particularly in Europe. Poe is considered to be the pioneer of the gothic and horror literary movement throughout America. His literary works include a wide array of different genre’s including science fiction, romance and poetry, however he his best known for Gothic fiction. After his brief military career, Poe worked as a literary critic and was known for his detailed reproach of many author’s works. As Poe began his writing, it became evident that he held an immense aptitude for the Gothic genre. His writing is known to illuminate the mind of the reader by creating a sinister imagery and an atmosphere of suspense. Throughout his own life, Poe experienced a great deal of death which is a recurring theme in many of his stories. The mystery surrounding his personal life has made his works that much more appealing in the public eye and served as an instrument that contributed to his overall style. Edgar Allan Poe, through his unique style, formed the model of the classic American gothic and horror genre that is still used throughout literature and films today. Style Every writer develops a particular style that reflects their personality and in many cases incorporates elements from their life into their writing. Stylistic choices of the writer form the world of the story and set a general tone that decides how it will be perceived by the readers. Poe used his own unique style to create the unnerving effect of his stories. Through heavy use of the first person narrative, the reader is enabled to enter

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