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Funny is a thing that not many people can be, but Eddie Murphy did it himself. The life of Edward Reagan Murphy started April 3rd, 1961 in Brooklyn, New York. Eddies mom was a telephone operator, and Eddie’s dad was a policeman, but shortly later his parents got divorced. Ed’s dad was sadly stabbed to death when Eddie was very young, so Eddie never really got to know his dad (Eddie Murphy-Biography). He had one real brother named Charles. When Eddie was a kid he admired Bill Cosby and especially Elvis Presley. At age 15 Ed was working a local ice cream plant named Brayer’s ice cream. He sang in a local R&B band and his band stole supermarket trolleys to transport equipment (Eddie Murphy IMDB). When Ed was in high school he carried a case full of jokes around and told them to his classmates. Eddie then later graduated from Roosevelt High in New York City (Eddie Murphy-Biography). After high school he went on to attend Nassau Community College (Eddie Murphy IMDB). Eddie had many successful movies and acting awards through out his life. His acting career started when he was 19 years old and premiered on Saturday Night Live (Erickson, Rovi). Eddie’s first movie was shortly after, and he was the first actor to get one-million dollars for his first movie. Then he won a Grammy for his album “Comedian”, in 1983 (Eddie Murphy IMDB). Eddie directed a movie in 1989 called “Harlem Nights”, which had many good actors in the movie including Redd Foxx and many others. It was a movie about gangsters in the ghetto of New York and was the first movie that he directed (Erickson, Rovi). Later Ed was asked to act in the movie “Ghost Busters”, but he turned down the offer. He hosted the MTV movie awards in 1993. More recently Eddie was criticized by Spike Lee because he thought Eddie was not a very good actor (Eddie Murphy IMDB). Recently Ed was nominated for a Grammy for acting in the

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